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One of a very few

Gray suffers from this genetic disorder called 2p16.3 deletion syndrome.  So what is 2p16.3 and how does it affect my son? He is missing approximately 484 kb (kilobases or “pieces”) of the 2p16.3 region of the neurexin 1, or NRXN1, gene. From the Genetics Home Reference of the National Institutes of Health, "Neurexins are cell-surface… Continue reading One of a very few

Mom to Mom

Don’t forget to take care of yourself

Searching through the Googlesphere, it’s easy to see that mommy care is the most searched topic when it comes to mommy blogs. Many of them say take care of yourself first, you deserve it, you earned it. Be the best mommy you can be, but in all honesty, God forbid if your house isn’t spotless,… Continue reading Don’t forget to take care of yourself