Mom to Mom

Don’t forget to take care of yourself

Searching through the Googlesphere, it’s easy to see that mommy care is the most searched topic when it comes to mommy blogs. Many of them say take care of yourself first, you deserve it, you earned it. Be the best mommy you can be, but in all honesty, God forbid if your house isn’t spotless, your kids are not well-behaved, and the hubby’s every need isn’t taken care of!

Just recently I got over a really bad bout of strep throat and dehydration, and I wasn’t able to have my boys around me for a couple of days. The last time Gray caught it, he was out of commission for two weeks. Was my house spotless when I brought them back home? Nope. Was supper waiting on the table? Nope. That first night back they had sandwiches, and I had a cup of tea with lemon throat still being raw and all.

Don’t get me wrong, I am queen of the world if my house is spotless, but most days I’m only able to keep it a relatively clean, liveable condition. But if I get sick, our little world falls apart. It’s like those around me don’t know how to act or know what to do. Life goes into dumb mode until I’m recovered.

Most of the time when I get sick, and I know it’s not contagious, I just corral the kids around me and we take it easy. It happens to me about twice a year around the changing of the seasons from hot to cold. I get a nasty sinus infection until my sinuses acclimate to the new weather patterns.

What do I do to keep life running smoothly if I’m not quite all there? Most of these tips I tend to do after my kids go to bed that way they are not left unattended for too long.

  1. Take a hot, hot shower.

I get the water running as hot as I can physically stand it, put a towel at the crack of the door and close the air vent to the bathroom. I take me a quick shower and then just sit in the bottom of the stall until the water runs cold. This allows me to clear my head and my sinuses to get some much needed moisture to open them up.

  1. Don’t forget the meds.

By this point, it’s too late for Benadryl, but it does help me sleep. During the day, I keep vapor rub on me like a second skin. I smell like a walking, talking mentholate bar. I take some acetaminophen per directions to combat inflammation.

  1. Do what you need to do, but don’t overdue it.

This is about the time that my crock pot is my best friend. I am able to throw in the meat, some vegetables, stick to the correct setting, and call it done. I am able to divvy up time a little bit better without worrying how we are going to eat that night.

  1. At the end of the day, have a drink.

I don’t drink alcoholic beverages, but if that’s your go-to then go for it. After my kids are in bed, I sit down on the couch, put the TV on my favorite channel, and drink a cup of hot tea. My body is so used to a lot of caffeine that what little is in tea doesn’t even bother me. It actually really relaxes me.

  1. Make things easier for yourself.

A good go-to is to use paper plates, plastic cups and forks so you don’t have to do any dishes that night. Why not pick up a rotisserie chicken and some potato salad from the grocery store deli and make it a picnic in the yard as the sun is going down? Teach your kids some of the different star formations and constellations.

Until next week, don’t forget to live, laugh, or forget the loves.

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