Spur of the Moment

Heebie Jeebie Spider Fest 2017

If you’re reading this, you have found my little corner of the web. I’ve been meaning to for about three-ish years to start a blog about my life with my boys. I know mommy blogs are a dime a dozen, but mine might have that little spark to be different and maybe help someone.

As of right now, I am an unemployed mommy. I don’t like it, but I moved back to Mississippi from Georgia recently to be closer to my youngest buddy, Rooty, and my immediate family. In the midst of getting services restarted for my oldest buddy, Gray, I am trying to get him into school, look for work, get around to seeing family and friends, oh yeah!, and fold towels. The laundry never ceases does it? It’s not like I can put a sticker on my big ass and say “Mommy out of order.”

My biggest problem with laundry is that when you think you have it all, everyone gets a bath. That’s one pile left in front of the washer at the end of the night after you’ve created a pristine and calm environment and aching back muscles.

My laundry becomes this big honking beast sitting on top of the couch. Why? Because I’m too lazy to fold it as it comes out of the dryer, and it all sits on the couch until it’s all done or decides to grow legs. It’ll grow legs as my kids decide to mess up their clothes and need to be changed.

I really don’t have a laundry routine. It usually gets done when the HOH (head of household) runs out of uniforms for work.

Since moving back to Mississippi his back bedroom has become my throw-it-all-in-there room. I get into there to find things that are needed and things get unpacked then. At last look, there were about four garbage bags of things to go through and a few boxes. So, not much … it’s just enough to be a headache to HOH.

I also don’t like his laundry room. When I first moved back, I went gung-ho cleaning the place. Had all laundry done, and then I found a big honkin’ spider in the laundry room, which is attached to the back bedroom. I’ve avoided that place like the plague, because I think the spider is still in there. It’s just a big wolf spider, but spiders give me the heebies something fierce.

So my words until the spider and his family are gone, screw that!

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